First of all, glad to see you here. There’s a lot to cover, and I don’t want to talk your ear off, so here’s the gyst:


At its core, floof.us is the conglomeration of the creative and professional pursuits of Aura Fluere. The site offers a number of resources that group great nuggets of information into sections tailored to all branches of visitors.


The sidebar, activated by clicking or tapping the three horizontal lines to the upper left of any page, is a navigation hub that can intuitively reach any important area of the website. Major categories display immediately, with more specific pages revealed by clicking anywhere to the right of a category with a plus sign next to it.


While the bulk of floof.us is dedicated to hosting information about Aura’s creative projects, bountiful information about Aura himself is located in the tab that shows his namesake, in the form of categorized mini-memoirs, anecdotes, and displays of objective self-analysis. Also contained in this section is professional information about Aura, such as a resume and categorized technical competencies.


At floof.us, anybody can find enlightening information from a creative mind, but it’s important to realize that by visiting this site, you’re browsing of your own volition. No idea is safe from scrutiny, and floof.us is an example of uncensored, unrestricted expression. Please enjoy your time here, and feel free to contact Aura personally if you have further questions.