Cantus Fluere Studios


Cantus Fluere Studios is a small audio production studio near Lansing, Michigan that caters to developing musicians, students, individuals wishing to learn more about the process of audio production and ensembles looking for a professional and economical recording experienced heavily steeped in individual attention in a dynamic environment.

The name Cantus Fluere is taken from a combination of Latin and Italian, translating loosely to “Music Flowing”. The title is also taken from the middle and last name of the Studio’s founder, Aura Cantus Fluere.

The studio is owned and operated by Aura, with assistance provided by Trybal and Aleksi, who are gradually being trained in the art of Audio Engineering.
As a new and developing facility, CF Studios places far more emphasis on growth, promotion and individual attention to its clientele than any profit margin. As a service to those clients, all the money made from appointments and assignments goes back into the studio in the form of gear accumulation that serves to benefit those that spend more time utilizing CF Studios’ services, such as new overhead microphones for a drummer recording an album, or a new rack-mounted reverb unit for processing the vocals of a jazz singer looking for that perfect sound.

The unique adaptability of CF Studios’ operation extends to the environment of the studio space itself. In addition to an extensive collection of tea and incense to suit all tastes, the Studio boasts a fully integrated array of adaptive RGB LED lighting which can reflect any mood and react to music dynamically.

CF Studios’ recording area is optimized for drum tracking, with six hand-made birch diffusers cascading sound around an acoustically treated main room. An adjacent vocal booth provides both adequate isolation and substantial visibility of the central control area, which houses rack mounted processing gear and a strong & silent custom built Audio Production PC.

Plans for expanding CF Studios have already been made, preliminary drafts of a dedicated space to be constructed from scratch undergoing constant revision as the direction and focus of the services rendered becomes more acute.


Cantus Fluere Studios came out of the mind of Aura Fluere, who had been playing French Horn for seven years previous, and DJing for two. Interests of his had begun to switch from reproducing the music of others to creating original content, and he soon worked with Brandon Libby to form Left Arm Down in 2013, a four piece throwback electro-rock band that persists in ambiguity to this day. With intentions set on recording the band himself without spending boat-loads at a professional studio, Aura began to take advantage of steady employment at Guitar Center to fund the construction of CHASMA, an Audio Production computer with an integrated soundcard capable of recording audio in high fidelity. Meanwhile, Aura had begun taking classes at Lansing Community College for Audio Production, and it was becoming clear that in order to properly record, it would take far more than a powerful machine and a microphone to record at a level acceptable for release.

As gear was starting to amass, the prospect of providing services to friends and other musicians attracted Aura into making his first set of business cards to prod at the market a bit, practicing skills taught in LCC’s curriculum all the while becoming more familiar with the practice of multi-track recording to benefit Left Arm Down.

By spring of 2015, plans to create a dedicated studio space and offer the assets therein for use as an official business were solidified, and in August of the same year, Cantus Fluere Studios was constructed and opened to the public.