About Aura’s Card Collect-A-Thon

Thanks for your interest in the collect-a-thon! If you’re reading this message, you’re hopefully a Mid-West Fur Fest 2016 attendee who’s interested in a casual competition with a lovely reward waiting for the winners!

I’ve designed this competition as a way to connect myself and artists I adore with furries that span across all facets of the fandom. The format of the game encourages interaction between participants, as well as between participants and myself.

The end goal of this card game is as follows: Mutual exposure of the artists I’ve showcased and myself, as well as the satisfaction of the participants regardless of their success in winning the competition.

The contest is free, there’s no obligation to see it through to the end, and you’re encouraged to participate with friends, or in groups! Good luck!

How To Play:

I’m spreading 500 vibrant, high quality business cards around’s MFF’s convention halls, the Hyatt and the immediate surrounding area, Each One of Ten Designs. Each design features an artist’s representation of my character, as well as both my contact information, and a QR code leading to the artist’s showcase of choice for their work. The cards also list different personality characteristics of yours truly.

Your mission is to collect all ten card designs and show them to me during MFF 2016. All the cards have contact info for me on many platforms, but [Telegram] is my primary messaging client.

Only the first three winners will receive the main prize! exploring paws and observant eyes will find all 10 first! [Alternate prizes are available~<3]

My hope is that you’ll enjoy the art printed on the cards, and work steadily towards the prize while encouraging others to join in the fun! Try trading cards with your friends and other participants to piece together your full set of 10! Gotta catch ‘Em all!

About Me

My name is Aura Fluere. I’m a professional audio engineer, Electrical engineering student, philosophical Stoic, creative writer and lovely audiophile Lucario.

I’ve been in this fandom as this character since 2006, but only recently have I begun attending conventions and commissioning art of my character.

As an all around egalitarian and laissez-Faire pragmatist, I am primarily concerned with developing enriching, mutually beneficial connections with exceptional people.

As an outgoing and extroverted intellectual, these connections develop into fluid interpersonal relationships where interactions are as dynamic as the people therein.

You’ll find me on the dance floor, in the AV booth, and walking around the city. Gimme a ring~ My arms are open, and I’m always up for meeting new folks and hearing about their achievements!

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