Technical Experience


- Microphone Technique and Placement
- Physical Signal Chain Routing
- Vintage Rackmounted Hardware Operation

Hardware Competencies

- Pultec Dynamics Processing Hardware
- Focusrite Audio Interfaces and Hardware
- Vintage Class A Amps and Transformers
- Advanced Microphone Placement techniques [X/Y, Blumlein, Midside]
- Temperature-Controlled soldering devices; creating and repairing cables

Software Competencies

- Propellerhead Reason [Main DAW]
- Avid Protools
- Focusrite Interface Configuration Software
- Vocal Processing for PSAs and Radio Air-Play

Notable Projects

- CADL Multilingual PSA
2016 September

Informational recording for the Capital Area District Library in both Arabic and Spanish, detailing library policies and procedures

- Restoration of Damaged Tape Recordings
2015 November

Manipulating EQ and dynamics to restore clarity and reduce noise and distortion of a selection of Monte Bates' original tape recordings

- Project Cantus Fluere
2015 September

Collaborative effort bringing an eclectic collection of dynamic artists together to record music with no charge, for exposure of both the individuals involved and of Cantus Fluere Studios

- Construction of Cantus Fluere Studios
2015 August

Professional, adaptable recording studio optimized for drum tracking and geared towards providing a professional recording experience for students and undiscovered artists

- Project Left Arm Down
2014 May

A band who's members carry wildly different influences working towards the group's musical expression in an organic and adaptive environment


- Individual Advertisement and Promotion
- Character Branding and Identification
- Attractive, optimized communication

Hardware Competencies

- Wacom Intuos Pro Drawing Tablets

Software Competencies

- Image Editing Software

Adobe Photoshop
Paint Tool Sai
Clip Studio Paint

- 2D Animation Software


Notable Projects

- Soft Stickers 1.0
2016 September

Circular vinyl stickers for vague and benign public character promotion around the Lansing area and conventions featuring art by three artists, some stickers informing viewers of the @floof telegram handle

- Soft Business Cards 2016
2016 June

Self-promotion business cards featuring the art of nine illustrators on ten unique designs; over 1500 distributed amongst two conventions and around Michigan

2015 August

Informational website for Cantus Fluere Studios, detailing the services provided therein, a selection of guests that have visited, a timeline of the studio's inception and profiles of the staff, within breathable formatting and gritty, provocative theming


- Self-Promotion and Personal Projects
- Informational Videos for Online Viewing
- Skit-based and Extemporaneous Comedy

Hardware Competencies

- RED Cameras, assembily and operation [RED 1, RED Epic]
- Panasonic P2 3CCD Cameras

Software Competencies

- Non-linear Editing Software

Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Avid Media Composer

- Pre-Production Software

FrameForge Studio

Notable Projects

- 2:00 Videography Demo Reel
2016 November

Demo Reel of videography skills, using the Panasonic P2 camera, as well as auxiliary cameras like the Go Pro Hero 3 and Cell Phone Cameras for Slow Motion effects, composited on Adobe Premiere Pro CC2017

- Mock Sci-Fi Movie Preview
2015 December

Concept video of a theoretical Sci-Fi movie made to demonstrate the use of selected cinematography principles, Shot with Panasonic P2 and Go-Pro Cameras

- Spinning Poi: What You Need To Know
2015 November

Instructional video, detailing in a step-by-step process beginner-level techniques for poi-spinning, as well as an informative summary of the practice and its roots

- Mark Ruhala Interview
2015 October

Two-Minute Interview with the creative director of Ruhala Performing Arts Center regarding a new class of younger children and the implementation of Mark's teaching style


- Gathering Experience for Implementation in Performances
- Preparing to Assist Others in Live Setup

Hardware Competencies

- Chauvet DMX Lighting
- American DJ DMX Lighting
- Bracket Mounting Systems for Performance Lighting
- Stage Grip Lighting and Associated Hardware

Software Competencies

- DMX Programming and Chaining
- Elation Compushow DMX Lighting Software

Notable Projects

- Guitar Center Lansing DMX Lighting Show
2015 February

Connecting and programming over 30 unique lights from three manufacturers for the purposes of demonstration with DMX software and running programs for custom lighting shows


- Dynamic Application of Interpersonal Psychology
- Showcasing of Technical Knowledge
- Feedback Gathering for Future Developments

Hardware Competencies

- French Horn 7 Years Performance Experience
- Trumpet 6 Years Performance Experience
- Pioneer DJing Controllers [DDJ Series]
- Korg Kaoss Pad Quad

Software Competencies

- DJ Performance Software

Serato DJ
Virtual DJ

Notable Projects

- DJ Cantus Fluere
2012 September - Present

A constantly evolving DJing project showcasing music interesting Aura personally, arranged to create themeing and preordained fluctuation of moods in the audience

- Ruhala Improv
2011 September - 2013 September

An diverse adult improv troupe arranged by Mark Ruhala of Ruhala Performing Arts Center that places emphasis on social commentary and performs for both adults and childern

- Okemos High School Marching Band
2008 July - 2012 May

MSBOA Division 1 Rating Marching Band with around 200 members performing yearly at the Grand Ledge Invitational, at seasonal football games for the Okemos Chiefs, and at fundraising functions like the Car-Wash-A-Thon

- Okemos Public Schools Concert Band
2005 September - 2012 May

Middle and High School performing concert bands with MSBOA District 1 ratings and yearly field trips and performances out of state, most notably at the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii


- Machines Built for Audio Production
- Computer Integration with External Production Hardware
- Cross-Platform Audio Production

Hardware Competencies

- AMD Computer Components
- Corsair Mineral Oil Cooling Systems
- RAID Storage Solutions

Software Competencies

- Windows 7 and 8
- Mac OS Yosemetie and Above

Notable Projects

- Project C.H.A.S.M.A.
2014 August

High-End audio production computer featuring liquid cooling, redundant storage, native firewire support, touchscreen integration, Burr-Brown Op-Amps in the audio chain, native 196k 24bit audio recording capabilities and a powerful red glow

- Rube Goldberg Experiment
2008 February

Application project resulting from the study of simple machines, using everything from lego robotics to paper cutters in order to prepare toast and wake up an individual once a certain time of day was reached

- Lego Robotics
2004 July

Introduction to logic-based programming through the engineering of competitive Lego robots built with elementary environmental awareness with the purpose of completing basic practical tasks like relocating objects and navigating obstacle courses