Visual Projects

Videography Demo Reel

2016 November

Demo Reel of videography skills, using the Panasonic P2 camera, as well as auxiliary cameras like the Go Pro Hero 3 and Cell Phone Cameras for Slow Motion effects, composited on Adobe Premiere Pro CC2017.

Soft Stickers 1.0

2016 September

Circular vinyl stickers for vague and benign public character promotion around the Lansing area and conventions featuring art by three artists, some stickers informing viewers of the @floof telegram handle.

Soft Business Cards – 2016

2016 June

Self-promotion business cards featuring the art of nine illustrators on ten unique designs; over 1500 distributed amongst two conventions and around Michigan.


2015 August

Informational website for Cantus Fluere Studios, detailing the services provided therein, a selection of guests that have visited, a timeline of the studio’s inception and profiles of the staff, within breathable formatting and gritty, provocative theming.